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Spread Pastry registered as a business in 2017 and are based in Sydney, NSW.

We use only the finest ingredients and source from ethical Australian producers whenever possible.

Product quality and customer satisfaction are important to us so we ensure you get the best value for what you pay.

Pandan coconut emerald spread pastry syd
"The texture felt amazing in the mouth and had just the right amount of cream-to-crepe ratio."

— Amy W.

"Stunning presentation! My daughter loved it."

- Georgie C.


We have a combined experience of twelve years working in various areas of deluxe hotels.

Cakes and pastries we've made figured in celebrations for dignitaries, royalty and celebrities.

Our friends enjoy the cakes we've made and asked us to make them available for sale.

We do currently have day jobs but operate Spread Pastry to share our passion for food.

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